Drawing its name from the tryptic painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by the Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch, the Almost Gods collection is made up of pieces rich in storytelling and symbolism which allude to the sexual allure of the former and a running theme in the world of fashion.
Just as each work in the tryptic is strong enough to stand on its own, while being enhanced in meaning when seen as a composite work, our collection is designed as a series of strong eight pieces that are impactful on their own but gain an added gravitas when viewed in their whole.
The namesake of the collection, this long jacket uses a bold jacquard weave that elevates every minimal outfit and makes you unmissable.
The inspiration behind this piece is the use of a fabric which would be familiar to all those whose Indian grandparents may have covered every square inch of their living rooms from sofas and curtains to even the slightly absurd tv remote covers with similar jacquard fabrics.
An accompanying piece to the ‘Garden of Earthly Desires’ Jacket and crafted from the same jacquard weave, these shorts are rich in texture and meant to provide a shot of energy to your lazy summer outfits. It takes a familiar fabric that you may have seen your whole life and re-contextualizes it in this new experience. 
Brandishing the outcry “Save the Dragons”, the Dragon Activism Tee is meant as a subtle yet strong war call reaching out to our societies dragons, the beacons of our species who move and shake culture and push things forward. This piece is an ode to us and those like us, because there are damn few of us left.
The motif is delicately hand embroidered on the neckline, and guaranteed to become your favourite white tee in your collection.
Made in high quality vegan leather with a custom designed lenticular print, this clutch brings to the life the ferocious leopard and leaves a striking mark on whoever sees it.
Just as Mona Lisa’s eyes follow you wherever you may go, drawing from similar techniques of linear perspective- the leopard in our print follows its prey no matter where they may go. 
Able to fit anything from a few hand rolled cigarettes to an old Nokia phone, the Dragon Smoke pouch features a bold embroidery on vegan leather, perfect to hang off your belt and accentuate your outfit.
More mythical than real, the wild cheetah has become eponymous with the fear inducing predator. These laces are an upgrade to your sneakers, truly making them your own and letting others know, a hunter walks amongst them. 
We live in the age of information. The internet has opened us to a whole new world of knowledge which has led to beliefs once held in high regard, suddenly being questioned. Under such scrutiny the playing field has been flattened. God, an ideal once held high has come down to the level of humans and once commonplace things have suddenly been elevated.
Just as so many new ideas and things have begin to occupy this same plane of importance, we worked on creating a piece that would celebrate the very essence of the name Almost Gods, placing together on one piece a set of images that are unlikely to have otherwise been placed in the context of one another. On the Postmodernist Fade Hoodie you’ll notice images of Kanye rubbing shoulders with photos of Flamingos, old WW2 images and Coke bottles, all produced with a faded print to show the still mystical and further to be explored cocktail of influences that have come to define and shape how we structurally see the world today. 
In a world that is often resistant to change and clings to familiarity, the Oversized Drape Red Hoodie is designed to decimate the borders of societal conformity that we are quick to latch on to and flood you with the sense of liberation that comes from breaking off from the restraints of tradition. There’s not too much to say about this piece that hasn’t been said enough. Impossible to ignore. An icon. 
And yes, it is as comfortable as it looks.
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