Almost Gods is a New Delhi-based streetwear line that focuses on the inextricable link between streetwear and art. The first line, “The Garden of Earthly Desires,” aims to challenge traditional expectations of cut, silhouette, and material innovation, integrating subtle elements from its roots in India into every piece, while maintaining an urban aesthetic that is relatable enough to reach a global audience. Noticing that India is often overlooked in the global streetwear conversation, Almost Gods aims to grow India’s presence as an innovator in the global streetwear market.

Launched in March of 2018, Almost Gods was built out of a shared perspective that streetwear should be the driving factor in pushing the boundaries and expectations of the global fashion market. “The Garden of Earthly Desires” has been developed with the intention of exploring the boundaries between the new and the old, integrating traditional ideals with modern design, cut, and functionality.